Memory Lane- Throwback Fashion Trends

If you have noticed the fashion world is constantly bringing back trends from our childhood. Some we have fond memories of while others we would like to forget.  Either way, they tend to bring back nostalgia to back in the day. Here are a few trends from yesteryear that have made a comeback.

Jelly Sandals

Image Credit: Forever 21
If you are anything like me you have several pairs of these in an array of colors. Looking back now they weren’t the most comfortable shoes.

Fanny Packs

Image Credit: Nordstrom

I will admit I did own a fanny pack when I was younger. Surprisingly, they have received a designer makeover since then.


Image Credit: Charlotte Russe

As a child of the 90s, I remember seeing chokers throughout pop culture. They are making comebacks with the latest It girls rocking them.

Mini Backpacks

Image Credit: Target

Who didn’t own these things especially around the mid-90s?  Personally, I am glad there are still around and wouldn’t mind owning one again.

Stirrup Pants

Image Credit: Christian Vierig/Getty

I was never the biggest fan of these.  I used to cut off the elastic band in the few pairs I owned as a kid.

Crop Tops

Image Credit: Ashley Stewart

Crops tops have been a fashion mainstay and aren’t going anywhere soon. 
Is your favorite throwback fashion trend on the list? Did it make a comeback? Would you like to see it return?  Let us know in the comments.

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