Behind the Scenes- A Closer Look at My Own Sense of Fashion

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I am taking a little detour for our usual fashion related posts you have come to expect. Instead, I am granting you special access on how posts come to together here at My Own Sense of Fashion. Check it out.

I asked readers via My Own Sense of Fashion’s feedback survey on what future topic you would like to see here on the blog.  Several of you voted that you would like to see what happens here behind the scenes.  Here is an exclusive sneak peek.


What some of you may not know is that a lot of research goes into our blog posts. I really aim to write content that I am passionate about and will be enjoyed by our readers.  I usually check out WWD, Vogue and other fashion outlets for breaking fashion news scope.

Write Mode Prep

Before I get in my write mode I like to get my mind ready to write (i.e. morning devotionals).  What helps me concentrate is playing one of my favorite playlist on Spotify.

Making Graphics

Here’s a little secret for our readers I personally make all the graphics for My Own Sense of Fashion. I am far from anyone’s graphic designer so websites like Canva helps make it easier.


Editing is a big part of the writing process. Having a great editor and Grammarly helps me catch errors that I may have missed.

Scheduling & Etc.

My blogging schedule allows me to stay on track with all my assignments especially since this time of year is usually one of my busiest times Plus, it helps me have more time for my personal obligations.

Well, there you have it, just some of the things I do to help make sure My Own Sense of Fashion is a well-oiled machine.  I couldn’t reveal all my secrets. I like to keep some of the mystery.

Did you learn something new?  Have a question for me? Let me know in the comments below.
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