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 If you are a regular reader of My Own Sense of Fashion, then you know we are always looking to share the latest in the world of fashion. Of course, this time is no exception. We have recently discovered an exciting app thanks to its creator Roberto Zanon & had to share with you all.  Whether you are new or returning reader you don’t want miss this post.

Simulator Screen Shot of The Warplane Card
Illustrations by Isabella Bortolotto
Image Credit: Roberto Zanon

Sinapsi Compositive is an online app that combines the world of fashion with playing cards.  Creator Roberto Zanon originally formed the idea in 2007 after discovering Oblique Strategies by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt.  The app was created in early 2016 & developed by Giovanni Teano.  Each card is designed as a hypothetical creative block for both fashion designers and product designers.  However, they can be used by other designers as well.
Simulator Screen Shot of List of Cards
Illustrations by Isabella Bortolotto
Image Credit: Roberto Zanon

“The drawing that accompanies each card and object-related representation contributes, by activating perceptive and formal associations, to enriching the intricate grid of meanings and references, making the "reading" different or always open to new interpretations.
Each subject is given a quote from authors who are gravitating around the project world. The association between quotation and object is sometimes direct, sometimes evocative and in some cases labile; however, it manages to be a bridge for further and personal interpretative stimuli.”
Simulator Screen Shot of Rule Card
Illustrations by Isabella Bortolotto
Image Credit: Roberto Zanon

The free app is available on APK Pure, Google Play, and iTunes.  The cards are also available online (only in Italian). You can also find Sinapsi Compositive on Facebook
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