Spring Forward- Spring Cleaning Ideas

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The 1st day of Spring is officially two weeks away.  This is the time of the year where we are planning a lot of things. It also the perfect time to do some spring cleaning and some much needed decluttering. If you are stumped on how to get started here are a few project ideas.

1.       Organize Your Closet

A few years back I did a post about organizing my mom’s closet after doing my own. I even arranged it by color. While doing this might find things you haven’t worn in a while.  The rule of thumb is usually if you haven’t worn it you get rid it.  Round up these items to give to charity or have a yard sale. Whichever you decide they will we get a new home.

2.       Organize or Decorate Your Home Office

If you are anything like me your home office might need a little TLC. Last August, I covered some budget friendly ideas for just that.  You can get rid of some old things you no longer need. Also, you can add new décor or items to help keep you organized. It can even be as purchasing something like a desk organizer.  I picked up a few things on a recent TJ Maxx trip (Planner & Desk organizer) let me tell you they are already making a difference.

3.       Get Rid of Things That You No Longer Use

         Be honest do you still own something that you no longer us? Is it just taking up space in your home or etc.?  It’s okay you’re not alone. We just haven’t got around to removing them for a number of reasons.  Why not pick a day to finally it?  If it has stopped working you can always find a nearby recycling center to take it to.  If it still works donate it to your local Goodwill or etc. You never know who you could be helping out. Lastly, you can always sell if it is still in good condition.

With these ideas, you are sure to enter the upcoming Spring season with a fresh start. Don’t forget to have fun as well.

Have any additional spring cleaning ideas? Do you have a system? Let us know in the comments below.

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