Hottest Gifts of 2016 (Images)

 Each year  there is a long list of the hottest gifts of the holiday season.  Here at My Own Sense of Fashion, we are here to share some of the hottest gifts of 2016.  Who knows one of them could help you out with someone still on your list?  Keep reading to find which ones made the list.

VR Headset

This is definitely a must-have gift on any gamer’s wish list.

Rose Gold Items

From iPhones to jewelry Rose Gold has been extremely popular this season.


You can’t go wrong with Disney. Each year they introduce new characters that are sure to sell out.  Two of the most popular characters are definitely Elena of Avalor and Moana.  



Everywhere you look people are talking about smartwatches. Whether you are “Team iPhone” or “Team Android” there are plenty choices to choose from.

Yeti Products

These products are widely sought-after. Their coolers, tumblers and etc. are in high demand.

Amazon Echo Dot

The tech enthusiast on our list will love to have under their Christmas Tree this year.


What is Christmas without Lego?  There is a reason why there are a Christmas gift staple each year.


Jam out to your favorite playlist with a nice pair of headphones.

Which of these gifts is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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