Summer’s Over- Labor Day Activities

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 Many have already ended their summer vacation and already headed back to class.  Labor Day marks the “unofficial” start of fall and presents the perfect opportunity to soak up the last bit of summer vacation.  If you haven’t quite narrowed down your plans just yet, then look no further.   I am sharing ideas whether you are traveling or staying close to home to make the most out of the holiday.

1.    Check out the Sales
If you are sticking close to home, why not check out some of the Labor Day Sales.  There are some many to choose from whether you are looking to add to your wardrobe or adding décor to your home.

2.    Pack Road Trip Activities & Games

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If you are traveling with the family or in a group, make sure you pack your favorite activities to keep you entertained in the car.

3.    Have a Cookout
Fire up the grill and gathered other favorite party essentials for a cookout.  Get together with your favorite people to celebrate the end of summer.

4.    Relax with Your Favorite Book or Show

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Haven’t had time to finish that book or catch up on that popular show?  Why not do so over the holiday.

5.    Finish A Craft Project
If you are anything like you probably have a few crafting projects you have been meaning to finish, but just haven’t found the time to do so.  You can always check off one on your lists to finish one over the weekend.

What are your Labor Day weekend plans? Let us know in the comments below.

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