Eco- Friendly: Sustainable Fashion to Celebrate Earth Day

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Since today is Earth Day I thought what better way to celebrate than to highlight sustainable fashion and eco-friendly fashion events.  Whether you are an eco-friendly fashionista or just want to know more about this type of fashion this post is for you.

1.      ARIANE ATLASS DESIGN- The Montréal based label offers high- quality hooded pieces which are made from bamboo fabric. I had the chance to interview designer Ariane A. Fournier a few years ago. You can find the interview and her website here. 

2.      Eco Fashion Week- If you happen to be in the Vancouver area & looking for an eco-friendly event to attend you should check out Eco Fashion Week.  Since October 2009, the event showcases the best in sustainable fashion twice a year. 

3.      Upcycling – Have a pair of jeans or top you are about throw out. Why not give it a new life by upcycling.  Gain inspiration for ideas by visiting Pinterest or your website of choice. The possibilities are endless.

 4.      Stella McCartney- Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without Designer Stella McCartney. Not only is McCartney is animal rights activist she has made a name for herself in the fashion industry with luxury designs that also happen to be vegetarian and environmentally friendly.

 5.      Reusable tote bags -   If you are looking for a stylish way to reduce your carbon footprint look no further than reusable tote bags.  Here is a great one from Kate Spade that will compliment any outfit.

Image Credit: Nordstrom

 6.    San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International- Here’s another great event to attend for those here in the United States specifically in the Bay Area.   Since 2014, San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International has been bringing awareness to health & environmental preservation through fashion by supporting the sustainable fashion industry and inviting the community to support the efforts. How are you celebrating Earth Day?  Let us know in the comments below.

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