Classic Man – A Guide to Buying the Right Suit for You

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 I wanted to write this post especially since menswear fashion weeks recently wrapped up for this season. Each fashion week featured trends to look out for in the upcoming fall season. However, I want to raise a question for you guys,”Do you know how to pick the right suit?” If you answered no, then no worries I am here to help.  Here I have gathered some quick tips to help you get started.  Let’s start with our first tip.

*Get the right fit*

Finding a proper suit might seem simple, but some guys still need a little assistance. If you are unsure of your suit size most stores have tailors on hand that can take your measurements.  The last thing you want is to purchase a suit that is too small or big for your frame.

*Picking the style*

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         There are many different styles of suits to choose from, but not all of them will work for every guy.   The key is to find the right one not only for your build but your personal style as well.   Whether you choose a budget-friendly or an expensive option you should feel comfortable and look your best.
*Don’t forget the accessories*

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Now you have finally picked out your choice of a suit it’s time to think about the right accessory.  Do you want to add cufflinks, tie, or a vest? Another thing you have to consider is which shoes match your suit.   For some pointers on the right suit and shoe combo, check out the guide found above.

*Switch it up*
If you find yourself in a suit rut, then why not switch it up to another style. If you are a regular suit wearer then you know what styles will work for you.  Try out a few styles on your next shopping trip and take home your favorites.
Whether you are in the boardroom or making the rounds at your next event you are should make a lasting impression with these quick tips.   Guys, what do you think of these tips and what is your favorite way to sport a suit? Ladies, what are your favorite types of suits you like to see on the fellas? Let us know by commenting below.

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