Putting on the Ritz: Finding the best special occasion outfits in time for the holidays

Last year, I focused on holiday fashion options solely for ladies (click here), but this year I want to include the guys.  There are some many great options to choose from. Here’s a quick guide to help you get the right outfit just in time for the holiday season. Follow along as I offer you some helpful guidance. 

Theme- based

Now this is perfect for those of you who love the holiday theme.  We have come a long way from those sweaters your grandmother or aunt made.  There are plenty options to choose from.  Don't discard those sweaters if they are still in good condition and fit. They are just what you need if you are attending an Ugly Sweater Party this holiday season.
If you don’t have one on hand you can always borrow one or order one online.  One online retailer that can help find what you are looking is The Sweater Store.

Image Credit: The Sweater Store

Guys, if snowmen and etc. aren’t exactly for you here is another option for you.  Flannel can not only be worn during fall but the holiday time.

Saddlebred® Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt in Red Buffalo
$19.99 Original Price $34.00 Savings: $14.01 (41%)

Available in variety of colors
Ladies here is another great option for you. It can be paired with your favorite pair of jeans and etc.  However, the color choice gives you a subtle way of holiday fashion.

Shark Bite Tunic in Blue Coral


If you are attending a more formal Christmas or New Year's Eve event then here are a few options for those occasions.  
 This dress can work for either Christmas or New Year’s Eve formal function you are attending.'

Neoprene Lace Party Dress
Available in Black and Red
          PRICE: $88.00      
Here is a great option for guys who might not want to wear a suit or tuxedo. 

Cotton Chambray Blazer
Now 40% Off!
If you want to a little sparkle at that New Year’s Eve party then this dress from Modcloth will work great for you. You will also find other options in their party style section.

Life of the After Party Dress

Lastly, for those looking for temporary options, I suggest you go with a rental. There are a lot of great options. Ladies, you can check out websites like Rent the Runway.  Gentlemen, you can rent tuxedos from retailers like Men’s Warehouse.

With the holiday season approaching these are some options that will help you be the most stylish at all your holiday parties. Whichever one you choose you will be sure to have the right outfit while making your holiday party and event run.


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