Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mèxico 2015 (Images)

Here at My Own Sense of Fashion we are big on showcasing fashion from across the globe. Last week Mexico wrapped up its fashion week. Here are some of the collections from the week.

Day 1 (4/14/15)

Pineda Covalín P/V 2015

Sandra Weil  O/I 2015

Day 2(4/15/15)

Alexia Ulibarri O/I 2015

Lydia Lavín O/I 2015

Day 3 (4/16/15)

Jannette Klein O/I 2015

Pink Magnolia O/I 2015

Day 4 (4/17/15)

Pagè O/I 2015

Lorena Saravia O/I 2015

All images and information appear courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Mèxico 

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