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Last month for Valentine’s Day I was declared the winner of Rebdolls $100 Gift Card Giveaway. I learned of the contest through a fellow fashion blogger & writer Farrah Estrella of Estrella Fashion Report. You can find out the original post here.   For those who might be familiar Rebdolls is a trendy plus size online retailer that ranges in sizes 0 to 28.  I recently familiarize myself with the brand as well.  Thanks to help from my sister I was able to narrow it down to four items. Check out my choices below.
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PA Varsity "Letterman" Jacket

Photo credit: My Own Sense of Fashion

This happens to be one of my choices from the actual contest. I have always wanted a Letterman jacket & when I saw it I knew I had to have it. Here you can see I am wearing it & I was satisfied with the fit. 
It doesn’t get that cold where I lived, but it’s perfect for a cool day. I can also pair with so many things.

Rebdolls Essential Black Maxi Skirt

Photo credit: Rebdolls and My Own Sense of Fashion

Now I tend to wear a lot of black in my wardrobe (i.e. all over, paired with white or a bright color).  This was a suggestion from my sister & I liked the length.  I am going to pair with a longer shirt because it’s a little form fitting.

  Relaxed-Fit-Crop-Top-Jade & Black

Photo credit: Rebdolls and My Own Sense of Fashion

These are new look for me. I don’t show much skin, but I think I can make these tops work so that I share the amount of skin I am comfortable with. 
Now I want to share my experience & some tips I feel that will help if you received a $100 gift code in a contest or just as a gift.  
First off you have to use the $100.00 code all at once this doesn't include tax or shipping.  Fortunately, I had until 2016 to use it. I don’t know it this is the standard date so you might won’t to check that.
Also, be prepared to do some math when it comes to arriving at the $100.00 mark. I can’t tell you how many different combinations were tried.  So thankfully for my sister that is more “left brain” than me and put the puzzle pieces together.  Rebdolls has unique range of taxes (odd & even).    Lastly, you have to pay for shipping separately. However, it starts at $4.95 (Super save) and depends how soon you want it delivered. However, I will tell you that I made my order last Sunday the 22nd and it was delivered four days later on Thursday.    Other than the few “hiccups” it was a pleasant and I added a few new items to my wardrobe.   You can find Rebdolls at their website and on social media at Facebook, &Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter.

Special thanks again to +Farrah Estrella of Estrella Fashion Report and Rebdolls.  This is not a sponsored post.

All opinions expressed are my own. My Own Sense of Fashion.

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