Product Review -Banyan Craft (Deep Blue and Black Drawstring Bag)

The following product was gifted in exchange for an honest review.
        After my 1st product review for Banyancraft in December, I was contacted again to do an additional review for the brand.   This time around I was sent their Deep Blue and Black Drawstring Bag.  It retails on their website for $33.99 USD (not including shipping).   Here are some of my initial thoughts on the product.

When it first arrived one of the first things I noticed is the craftsmanship.  I tested it against the image I received.  I can honestly say the image doesn’t do it justice. You can tell the level of work in the embroidery alone.
Image courtesy of BanyanCraft
Another big thing for me would have to be the shade of blue.  Blue just so happens to be my favorite color.  I also picked up on a purple hue on the outside of the bag.
Front of the bag
Side view

The fabric is Satin Silk which allows it to have a soft feel, but is strong enough to withstand the beadwork.  Also, the bottom of the bag you see that the fabric is quilted which furthers added to the detailing.
Bottom of the page

This bag is perfect for evening out or a social event when you might not want to carry a large handbag.  A feature that I liked is the ability to hold it in two ways. You can either use the drawstrings to carry it around your wrist or drape the long strap around your arm.

         There a few minor things I will note on this bag.  I found a few loose strands on the bag, but I think this is strictly due the shipping. It didn’t mess with the integrity of the beadwork or the overall bag.
  Also, ladies I wouldn’t overload this bag.  If you are anything like me you might tend to carry a lot in your handbag of choice. However, for this bag I would downside to the essentials (ID, phone, lipstick, & things of that nature).
Be sure to check out this bag and Banyancraft over on the website. It is priced at $33.99 USD not including taxes. They are all about fashion for a cause.

Lastly, as a bonus to the readers I have a new personalized  discount code for 20% off of your purchase. Use the discount code TAMBAN001 for (20% discount) at checkout. This code expires on March 31st so be sure to use it by that date.
Stay tuned for my additional review after I have tested it out at a later date.

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